Expert testimony and comprehensive reports for use in litigation, regulatory proceedings, and legislative hearings.

How We Differ

Economic & Policy Resources, Inc. has been providing plaintiff and defense counsel with easy-to-understand, fact-driven economic analyses throughout the Northeast since 1983. Our economists hold a broad spectrum of economic loss and valuation assessment experience upon which attorneys and their staff can draw. The professional staff at EPR is always available to assist you with the economic issues you face in your practice.

Case Assessment

A thorough understanding of economic damages.

Our case assessment is a planning tool that will help you to rapidly comprehend and organize the economics of your client’s case.


Case and client management issues can then be tackled efficiently to achieve a timely resolution for your client.


A case assessment can often be completed for a flat fee in as little notice as 20 business days.

Issue Conceptualization

Some cases are just not straight-forward.

You have a general sense of the driving economic and financial issues and how they relate to what happened. However, the record is complex and voluminous and you cannot take the time to sort it all out. EPR will examine the documents to:

Locate the relevant economic issues.
Prepare chronological fact histories.
Undertake third party research on key issues.
Prepare background information briefs.

Economic Opinions

Comprehensive economic opinions presented.

EPR routinely prepares opinions of economic damages in cases involving personal injury, wrongful death, employment termination, medical malpractice, and commercial issues.


Our opinions have been presented in all state and federal jurisdictions throughout the northeastern United States for both plaintiffs and defendants. We employ the latest data and recognized research methods to examine issues relevant to your client’s case.


Our concise and easy-to-understand reports are designed to meet all the requirements of expert testimony under Rule 26 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and applicable rules in state courts.


Understanding the other side's case.

Now that the plaintiff’s economic expertise has been disclosed, what are the strengths and weaknesses of that report and how can you plan your defense? There is no need to guess at or be uncomfortable with the economic and financial topics being presented in the litigation. EPR can help.

EPR's economists will:

Review an economic report.
Identify issues.
Assist you to prepare for deposition and cross examination.

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Client Resources

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