Economic analysis and business plan composition for EB-5 projects.

Experienced EB-5 Economic Analysts and Business Plan Consultants

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service relies on a complex blend of regulation and policy in reviewing the compliance of your EB-5 application. We also do Regional Center Geographic & Amendment Studies and Regional Center Business & Operations Plans. Call us to see how we can help. With over 50 years of collective professional experience, Economic & Policy Resources has the knowledge and expertise to guide you through the EB-5 maze.

EB-5 Program Description

Economic Assessment of Job Creation

EPR provides high-quality analysis of your project throughout the preparation of your EB-5 filing.

Targeted Employment Area (TEA): Do you know if your project qualifies as a TEA? EPR has the tools, network, and experience to evaluate the TEA status of your project and apply for TEA designation.
Initial Project Assessment: EPR’s professional staff has guided projects large and small through the EB-5 process. We can help you determine if the EB-5 Program will work for your project and how much capital you may be able to raise to fund it.
Job Creation Scoping: Unsure which aspects of your project to include in an EB-5 securities offering? Wondering how to phase your project to get the most out of the EB-5 Program? Our economists will provide the technical assistance you need to compare the job creation potential of different project scenarios.
USCIS Review-Ready EB-5 Reports: Every EB-5 filing must include a detailed economic report that meets the current requirements of the USCIS. Our comprehensive economic reports will show you why EPR is a leader in the industry. When you work with EPR, you will submit a professional, polished, and meticulously fact-checked report with your application.

Project Business Plan Preparation

EPR goes above and beyond other business plan preparation services. We build on the fundamentals using our in-depth knowledge of both economics and the EB-5 Program to ensure your business plan meets program requirements and is fully reconciled with your economic analysis.


Streamlined Services: When you engage EPR to complete your project’s economic analysis and business plan preparation, we make certain that progress on both products moves in tandem. We can coordinate your economic analyst with your business plan consultant internally, saving time and effort for you and other members of your EB-5 team.
Comprehensive and Credible: The USCIS requires that your business plan be “comprehensive and credible.” EPR is familiar with all EB-5 Program regulations and USCIS policy guidance used to evaluate the credibility and completeness of your business plan. We have our finger on the pulse of the Program and react quickly to any policy changes that may affect your filing.
Direct EB-5 Program: Did you know that a Direct EB-5 filing requires no economic report? Instead, your business plan must prove that your project will create jobs. We understand the important details that must be considered in preparing a Direct EB-5 project business plan, and can help you prepare your plan from the ground up.
Embracing Complexity: We know that some projects are out of the ordinary - multi-phase, mixed-use, new concept, troubled business, expanding operations... We thrive on complexity, and are experts at simplifying your business plan while including all the necessary information.

Responding to the USCIS and Other Services

EPR is the firm trusted by immigration attorneys, regional centers, and developers to expertly respond to inquiries from the USCIS and do other follow up to take your EB-5 project over the finish line.

Request for Evidence: If you receive a request for evidence, you need someone who understands how all the pieces fit together in order to craft the best response. Because meshing the business plan with the economic report is one of our specialties, we are perfectly suited to advise and help draft a professional and complete response to the inquiry into your project’s job creation and viability.
Removal of Conditions: If your business strategy changed or market conditions made you fall short of forecasts, a new economic analysis is needed to demonstrate the actual job creation of your project. EPR can help you prepare for your investors’ I-829 filings by updating your economic analysis or business plan.
Notice of Intent to Deny: If you have received a notice of intent to deny your application, let EPR assist you in your response. We can help you develop a strategy to overcome your previous filing’s shortcomings and will work diligently to help you meet the tight deadline.
Other Services: With a staff of regional economists, impact analysts, and business plan advisors all working upon a foundation of extensive knowledge of the EB-5 Program, EPR can help you with choosing the scope of your regional center, vetting projects from an EB-5 perspective, familiarizing yourself with the program, conducting third-party reviews, and general consulting.

What We Do

  • Strategy

    Strategic economic impact assistance with initial project planning and concept development.

  • Assessment

    Analysis of the job creation and other economic impacts of your project.

  • Assistance

    Technical assistance responding to inquiries issued by the USCIS.

  • Regional Center Geographic Area & Amendment Studies

    Geographic analysis of prospective Regional Center for use under the EB-5 Program.

  • Economic Reports

    Thorough job creation and economic impact report using USCIS-approved methodologies.

  • Project Business Plans

    Comprehensive and credible EB-5 project business plans adhering to the Matter of Ho standards.

  • TEA Evaluation

    Complete TEA assistance from evaluating site compliance to obtaining state approval.

  • Regional Center Business & Operations Plan

    Credible EB-5 Program business plan for operating Regional Center.

Client Resources

EPR has complied a list of valuable resources that benefit our clients. Read through our whitepapers and published articles to learn more about how our services can be of help.

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